Men and landscape observe each other and communicate through interplay.
Faces, glimpses of the village, the white stretch of Sale ‘e Porcus – a desertic illusion that became cyclically, hosts and protects new life – they take turns until they meet and blend in a single habitat.
This installation is an exhortation to care for an ecosystem that is as fragile as it is precious.

Habitat was created on the occasion of the inauguration of the first RAMSAR House in Sardinia and is part of the Maristanis project, born for the protection and enhancement of the Oristano wetlands.

Concept: L’Ambulante
Direction: Gaetano Crivaro, Margherita Pisano
Image: Gaetano Crivaro
Sound: Margherita Pisano
Multiscreen software: Samuel Iacolina
Exibition setup: Francesca Rango
Produced by: Fondazione MEDSEA
For the project: Maristanis
Co-funded by: Foundation MAVA, Foundation LUMA
in collaboration with: Comune di San Vero Milis

Duration: 10 min. loop

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