“What […] is the aura? A strange tissue of space and time: the unique apparition of a distance, however near it may be. To follow with the eye – while resting on a summer afternoon – a mountain range on the horizon or a branch that casts its shadow on the beholder is to breathe the aura of those mountains, of that branch.”

Walter Benjamin, The works of art in the age of Its technological reproducibility

After several years of research, experimentation and reflection in various sites around the world, the VideoRitratti project steps into a new phase, with a greater project in Sardinia, using the same investigation, discovery and interaction tools already tested in other territories (the educational workshops, the exploration and study of living spaces and conditions) wants to go a step further and a step backwards, analyzing theories and practices existing since the birth of cinema, with the aim of deepening and defining what the State of The Art of VideoPortrait is nowadays.
The reserch in Sardinia starts from a fundamental moment in Cinema history, the widespread diffusion of affordable cameras Super 8mm and 8mm, together with the birth and diffusion of what we define as “Amateur Cinema”, developing an experimental work of screening, analysis and re-framing of the material collected from the Cineteca Sarda and the archive of the Associazione Paesaggi di Famiglia.

The goal of the research project VideoRitratti in Sardegna is to investigate, through a cross-checking relation of archive documents and contemporary Sardinian landscapes, portrait as a cinematic text, the family archive as a peculiar form of filmed portrait, and sound as a tool for building different narrative levels, allowing to go beyond what’s visible.

Fondo Famiglia Vodret _ Archivio Cineteca Sarda

“Amateur Cinema is a field with uncertain and ever-shifting boundaries, but it is also extremely heterogeneous. It is somehow important to underline how, multiple times, it offered the opportunity to renovate cinema itself, thanks to technological evolution firstly adopted by amateurs and later by professionals. […] A constant of amateur cinema and its uncountable historical variants is the gaze of the operator. The cinematic text, in fact, is characterized by the shaping of a look which is immersed into the daily reality surrounding it. The proximity between the camera’s lens and the eye of the amateur operator totally changes the canonical practices of a film, consequently changing the cinematic text.”

P. Simoni, 2013
Fondo Famiglia Anziani _ Archivio Cineteca Sarda

Ritratti (Portraits)
Film, Bodies, Cities

Meetings, workshops, experimental Cinema, within the Project “VideoRitratti in Sardegna”.


5 April 2018 / 19.30
Cineteca Sarda
viale Trieste 126, Cagliari

La beauté c’est ta tête

Direction: Zimmerfrei
Documentary / Italy-France, 2014 / 60 min.

Sound screening

14 April 2018 / 21
Centro Culturale Compagnia Cantante
via Dolcetta 21, Cagliari


by Massimo Carozzi
Selection and recombination of sound material


14-16 April 2018

Suono e pellicole

with Massimo Carozzi


26 April 2018 / 20.30
Cineteca Sarda
viale Trieste 126, Cagliari

Essi Bruciano Ancora (They Still Burn)

Direction: Felice D’Agostino & Arturo Lavorato
Documentary / Italy, 2017 / 90 min.


26–28 April 2018

Pellicole e trame temporali

with Felice D’Agostino & Arturo Lavorato


4 July 2018

Book presentation
Suoni a Margine – La territorialità delle politiche nella pratica dell’ascolto
by Nicola di Croce. Meltemi Editore

At the presence of the author; moderator: Aide Esu


5–6 July 2018

Suoni pellicole e margini

with Nicola Di Croce

Meeting & Workshop

14 September 2018

Filmed portrait. AudioVisual Archive and Contemporary Landscape

VideoRitratti in Sardegna, final meeting

Research Project by

With the participation of
Massimo Carozzi
Felice D’Agostino
Arturo Lavorato
Nicola Di Croce
Martina Mulas
Natalino Virdis

Scientific Consulting
Lidia De Candia
Roberto De Angelis

Societa Umanitaria – Cineteca Sarda di Cagliari
Associazione Paesaggi di Famiglia

With the collaboration of
Bo Film
Associazione Compagnia Cantante

With the contribution of
Regione autonoma della Sardegna / Regione Autònoma de Sardigna
Assessorato della Pubblica Istruzione, beni culturali, informazione, spettacolo e sport / Assessoradu de s’Istrutzione, benes culturales, informatzione, ispetàculu e isport
Comune di Cagliari
Servizio Cultura e Spettacolo


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