I happened to run away many times
I found shelter in love for beauty
A wrinkle of my wife
A smile of my son
A particular corner of Pisticci
In the most difficult times of my life
if I hadn't had this love escape
I would probably be dead

Marconia, in the Basilicata region, is a “city of foundation”, with its architectural structures and geometries, its wide spaces among the concrete.
The camera steps back. The extreme close-up becomes a close-up that often shows the shoulders of the subject. The figure is always centered in the frame.
We ask the subject to think about something particular.
A silent portrait. The tale of a thought.
Our first narrative attempt.

While editing, the still face, the geometry of the space a little more evident, and a voice speaks as if it was a though.
In the end of the short movie, for the first time ever, we take a portrait without a face.
A wide square, or a parking lot without cars, with three-storey buildings behind, very similar to each other.

VideoRitratti d’Amore (Love VideoPortraits) was show in March 2016, between Pisticci and Marconia (MT), in Basilicata region, under the Teatri Diffusi project, promoted by IAC – Centro Arti Integrate di Matera, l’Albero di Melfi, and L’Ambulante, during a theatre residency having Fuga d’Amore (Love Escape) as main theme.

Moving from the classical Fuitina (love escape), the theme of love, in a broad sense is investigated in the communities of Marconia and Pisticci, with the creation of fifty VideoRitratti and collecting as many love stories, with the help of some of the residents and TILT-Centro per la creatività di Marconia.

ITA / 2016 / 7 min.

Concept: L’Ambulante
Camera: Gaetano Crivaro
Sound: Margherita Pisano
Editing: Gaetano Crivaro e Margherita Pisano
Still photographer: Domenico Prudente

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