The shepherd takes the piglet
Throws it in the eyes
blinded the witch
The witch screams
The other witches asked
“who did this?”
Ulysses and Polyphemus

VideoPortraits of Humanity populating Nebrodi mountains is the result of an interactive laboratory, having the portrait as its starting point.

In Sicily, on the Nebrodi mountains, the scarcely inhabited landscape, the green mountains pushed us to focus on faces. A hundred giant portraits, almost inside the camera, an act of presence and uniqueness of the portrayed subjects. Extreme close-ups, with the subject forced to pose very close to the lens, fifty centimeters or less. Such depopulated places allow sound to arise in all its purity, the chirping of birds, the rustle of leaves and the flow of water. That’s how portraits were shot in Sicily. Big close-ups, microscopic facial expressions now evident, very defined sounds not overlapping one another, with the off-camera very close to the in-camera.

There’s nothing written in 100 VideoRitratti, almost nothing said through words: the narration is revealed by the emotions behind every expression change.

100 VideoPortrait from Nebrodi was born inside Nel Bosco / in the Wood, a project involving thirty municipalities of Nebrodi Mountains. Headliner municipality: S.Agata di Militello (ME).

Laboratories took place in Galati Mamertino (ME), Mirto (ME), Sant’Angelo di Brolo (ME) e Tortorici (ME) municipalities.

ITA / 2015 / 3×11 min.

Visiting Professor: Gaetano Crivaro
Tutor: Salvatore Presti
Camera: Gaetano Crivaro
Sound: Margherita Pisano
Editing & Color Correction: Gaetano Crivaro
Participants: Alessandro Calderaro, Walter Caprino, Cristina Carcione, Franca Casaraona, Salvatore De Luca, Salvatore Fasolo, Rosario Ferraro, Agnese Frisenda, Giuseppe Frisenda, Giovanni Girbino, Gianni Giuffré, Mario Gugliotta, Marianna Gullì, Fausto Machì, Sergio Natoli, Ignazio Restifo Pilato

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